Shuffle Says: digesting a new album, Butch Walker’s The Spade. Pretty good so far. Check out “Bodegas and Blood” “Sucker Punch” and “Dublin Crow

Wow, and on a Sunday even. I’m ever so impressed with myself.
So here’s the deal:

Bad news for the sundress and skirt market. Parisian Women are finally allowed to wear trousers.

Queen of Peace High School has asked all their good little Catholic girls to swear not to swear (boy just shouldn’t swear in front of girls).

15-year-old blogger and education advocate Malala Yousufzai, has recovered from being SHOT by the Taliban. So fuck those guys.

President Obama has joined in the campaign of over five thousand Eagle Scouts to repeal the ban on Gays in scouting.

Laurie Penny reports on the firebombing of the Freedom Press Bookshop

 Kim Boekbinder reminds ALL people that they will be Rejected

Safer Sex Education has played a significant role in the 27% decrease in teen pregnancy in New York City.

In the wake of Sandy Hook apparently authorities have decided that being a kid is a threat to safety. Molly Crabapple reflects on her own tween clashes with the screws.


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