Dropping Sound

Posted: 6 March, 2013 in Daily Droppings
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Shuffle Says: “The Passenger” Iggy Pop Lust for Life

Haven’t done one of these in awhile but the typewriter’s been put to work lately so here goes:


He came into town.
Like the pied piper of sound
Catching cacophony in little glass jars
Bits of conversation were lost. Captured in his trunk.
Children’s chanting songs. The wails of women saddened by their lovers’ drunken quarrels.
He kept them like he did all the others. One town after another. A Documentation of stolen sounds that left the inhabitants with the centrifuge of silence.
He came for the lies, the little daggers and sighs
those perfect retorts made one moment too late. Petite puns to punctuate the dull seriousness of townships.
When he slipped them away on his rickety wooden cart no one was the wiser.
A boy came one day. Followed in his blind spot. His footsteps absorbed by the sound sucking jars.
Waited for the man to have done his work and on his way out, let forth a shriek.
A glass shattering whistle, cracking and snapping each one of the jars.
And all of the noises broke out from their cages
flooded the earth on one go.
All of the secrets he kept. Every I love you, muttered under the breath.
At once rang in the air with the forceful volume of a tempestuous godling.
The man scowled at the boy.
For he thought these were his sounds. To hoard like a miser. A dragon’s den filled with stray thoughts and forgotten conversation.
He killed the boy.
If he were to have nothing else he would have that boy’s screams to himself. Took his only good glass jar and cupped it over his mouth and ran the whistle thought his eye.
But the boy only laughed. Until the life was all but gone from him and an eking breathy rasp
I love you father.


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