Completion and Leftovers

Posted: 7 March, 2013 in Rants
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Shuffle Says: “Map of Tasmania” Amanda Fucking Palmer Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under

Filling up a notebook is a giddy, reflective, and daunting experience. Inevitably you are drawn to rereading the whole damn thing to see what exactly it is you have filled used to fill up those hundred or so pages (or few hundred or dozen, I’ve really no clue how many and I’m not about to waste the time in counting. In my personal opinion one should never need to count higher than eight and in that case only get through an octave, which actually is done with letters. OK so I take that back, no one really needs to be able to count past four or as high as the number of children you have and only if you care if one of them is ever missing. So long as you can count to four, music written in 6/8 can measured in 1234 2234. The same principle applies to 4/6, /9, or /12  and so on.).

There’s old entries that make you wand to cocknotch yourself  they’re so bad, right alongside little fragments that are so good you can scarce believe you actually wrote them (unless you’re Calvino, or Eco or even that rambling Thompson who somehow manage to make their random shitfaced scawlings on the mundane sound like they were crafted by a minor deity).  The only way to get past the good or the bad is to remind yourself that these things were written ages ago by a you so distant he or she may as well have been a retarded sea otter.

Unfortunately for me I’ve sucked great monkey testes (which I hear are actually much smaller than humans’) in regards to dating my material. My latest completion has one reference to time of authorship “2010-2013”. I’ll make a note in my next one to be more diligent about time keeping as well as to make some attempt  to keep entries in chronological order (both are unlikely).

I suppose it shows progress. I’ve written enough to fill up this one, so I must be continually wandering in the right direction; that is to keep writing and writing and writing till that blood start to coagulate into something worthwhile. I also remember that I’ve got about a dozen more half filled, another half dozen empty, awaiting my attention and I’m  fucked out of my gourd cause I got no idea what to fill them with.

Anyhow, while perusing I noticed that there are a few entries not of my own hand. The distribution of my own work will be left to my discretion as I attempt to put them in order and sort the sheep from the goats.
For now however, please enjoy these anonymous contributions:

[spelling and line breaks are as written, unless otherwise noted]

roses are red.
violets are blue
periods are red
and Chunky too
-love katie

Roses ar red violet sore
blue. I’m rolling on ex
who wants to screw.

Dearest [revealing nickname],
we read all of your shit.
What the fuck, man?
-Your Friends



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