Shuffle Says: “Mardis Gras in New Orleans” Professor Longhair Tipitina 

Anyone who watched the Superbowl will be familiar with the “God made a farmer” commercial. Apparently the day after that he made a writer. and the gospel is so true it hurts.

Uncle Ruckus is getting his own movie. 

The New Inquiry questions the artistic merit of Tumbler

Vice– Stoya ponders the Metaphysics of the Oral Arts

Iran is cracking down on RSS feeds which Iranian citizens have been using to bypass censorship.

A Tunisian woman has been condemned to death for protesting by being topless on the interwebs.

Benedict Cumberbatch has, ahem, an angel’s voice. (it will be funnier once you click on the link).

Austin Chronicle – Amanda Fucking Palmer rocks my home state at SXSW!

the US of A is really pissing me off this week. It appears that our country feels hackivism a worse crime than gang rape. Molly Crabapple reports on the trial of Weev, who will now spend more time in prison for pranking rich people with iPads than the Stubenville rapists combined.

to end on a light note (pun intended after you read) here’s x-rays of people who have weird things lodged in their butts


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