Shuffle says:”I Hope that I don’t Fall in Love with You” Tom Waits, Closing Time

Hey all, It’s been Donkey’s, yeah?
Anyhow, I’ve just finished up a show out of town and spent last week moving so I’m back at it. With any luck I’ll be posting here with some kind of regularity.

So here we go again. Let’s start off the week with some news you might have missed.

Molly crabapple has been covering the The Bradley Manning Trial for the guardian. Whether or not it will make any difference his cause has been garnering a great deal of support. As shown in this video.

Speaking of trials, Molly Crabapple has also been making pretty pictures of the Jeremy Hammond.

New York Timereports on the Boy Scouts of America allowing gay scouts. Something me and thousands of others at Eagle Scouts For Equality have been pushing for for some time. Still no gay leaders allowed though. I guess when they turn 18, gay scouts need to get over that phase of their lives.

Big Surprise, Baylor doesn’t like lesbians…. Well, they’ll take their money, just as long as they don’t talk about it.

What’s better than making Hamlet into Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead ? Adding in Hall and Oats 

If anyone hasn’t seen me posting about it in the past, Measure B is the sorely misguided condoms in porn law buzzing around California (look it up; in particular. Stoya’s [named the pop star of porn and cutest girl in Brooklyn by the Village Voice] take on the matter for an inside perspective). It’s recently moved on through the state assembly.

Anyone who hasn’t seen the short documentary Point, Click, Gun should check it out. being able to print assault weapons is a world altering concept if carried to its logical end. While the interview focused on what Defense Distributed leader Cody Wilson could do with the printer, it left out a great deal of his larger philosophical approach to his endeavour. Vice interviewed Wilson for their podcast recently (watch the interview here or get on iTunes to download the audio). The full hour of discussion allows for him to expand on the WHY behind his work.

There are new and wonderful apps and sites now for disseminating STI information and prevention. CNN reports on the invention of things like, STD triage, and Sotheyknow.

The Daily Beast looks at an apt case study on how DOMA affects every day life and has a literal, unfair monetary cost to LGBT parents.

if you haven’t been up on your hashtag trends, click around for #FBrape. WAM has been tracking the story on their site. It took me a while to understand what was going on myself. NBC has also caught up now that it’s settled. Facebook’s formal response here

Everyone’s on the march. Counter protesters face off with the English Defense League, Ukraine proves unsafe for pride,  Neo-Nazis are after Femen HQ in Paris, and Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

Good news? Oh, Spain apparently loves The Clash

For all of you who haven’t followed the Pussy Riot story, you should. Catch up with this reflection 

Professor Xavier speaks out on domestic violence

And this is only part one


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