Shuffle Says: “The Mary Martin Show” The New Pornographers Mass Romantic

I had a pretty heavy batch of stuff to throw up so I broke it into two parts. Here’s the second:

Laurie Penny responds to the aftermath of Woolwich, which brings into question what we classify as terrorism and hate crime.

If you haven’t heard about the New York‘s  new policy regarding condoms, it’s not about HIV prevention. Police officers are now citing the possession of condoms as probable cause.

Come to think of it, the NYPD has really been grinding by gears of late. Their blatantly racist policy of stop and frisk has been central to my bitching, as well as wasting their time going after harmless pot smokers.

Another one of my soapboxes made the news. Other countries are banning U.S. produce due to out use of GMOs. It’s a little scarier than that, though. Apparently we don’t know how to control the crops ourselves.

This meme/infographic/whatever has been floating around the interwebs. My response: No shit. OK fellow Texans, time to get off our asses and oust ass-hat Perry. We NEED comprehensive Sex-ed

More people marching

At least the Apple hearings made Jon Stewart’s radar, but the worst of it has largely been left out of the discussion.
The short of it is the same BS that political corporatists keep pushing. “let corporations do what they want because we need their business for our economy”. Bullshit, they need ours. Furthermore most major corporations “in America” pay little to no taxes. I for one am not afraid of corporations being driven away by taxes, because this is America. They want to do business here and that business should be taxed. But those very corporations are the ones who write the tax code they are subject to and so can easily evade taxation through the financing of politicians and sitting on congressional hearings such as the recent Apple nonsense.
What companies like Apple and GE and various others to is tantamount to money laundering. I’d say it is even worse, because drug dealers have the unfortunate circumstance of their business being illegal. They HAVE TO launder their money in order to make profit.

This just in from 25 years of common sense: The war on drugs is racially biased and bad for our country.

Turns our the Catholic Church DOES have a secret archive, but the documents are not about gnostic texts or secret weapons or anything cool, they’re mostly about kid-fucking priests.

Speaking of sex offenders, it seems the sex offender registry has been black mailing people. As in “Give us money or we’ll tell everyone you’re a kid-fucking priest.”

The most hardcore metal band are three sixth-graders. They also like Lady Gaga

Not newsworthy, but I love Noam Chomsky and Stoya

The end.


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