Shuffle Says: No Shuffle today. I’ve been playing the new Frank Turner album Tape Deck Heart till the needle runs down. Here’s the first music video he’s put out, “Recovery”

If anyone out there still reads this, mayhaps you thought I’d given up. Some time ago I stated that my one goal of frequency with this blog was to post more often than Neil Gaiman. Well, He got back on the wagon last week a few times over so I guess I should too. Difference is, in that time he has put out a best-selling novel.

So first on the agenda is the last set of links I had in shoo

Fist of This:

Remember all that noise over the fucking cereal commercial? after all was said and done I feel the best coverage of it was’s coverage of the coverage.

Molly Crabapple takes a serious look at certain American Myths; the middle class, education [Oxford comma] and most importantly ‘making it’ as an artist.

Laurie Penny posts a picture of a young’n fightin the power

Think you know how wealth works in the United States. You’re probably wrong

For all those thinking about dating me and those of my Ilk, I’ll let ThoughtCatalog explain something about that fantasy.

Republicans in Wisconsin are afraid of silent protesters.

I talk a lot of bollocks about fighting the Man, but the weekly sifter actually took the time to talk about a few practical measures middleish class citizens can take to fight the good fight. 


be back atcha soon, children.



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