Shuffle says: The Soundtrack for Only God Forgives

Greetings Chillllllllllldren! I took Labor Day weekend with family and friends, but I’m still here with Bloggosphere Free America, fighting the good fight.

Seems we got duh duh duh DAH! bit of news!
Arkansas is partially though passing a bill that would criminalize people with piercings or tattoos. I hope I don’t have to tell you where I stand with this, but the folks over at policymic take a good look at what this is saying about the larger more prevalent culture war being waged in our country.

I don’t really talk much about international turmoil, but for all of you trying to follow the nonsense in Syria, The Washington Post has put out a very succinct informative Q&A to catch you up without much embarrassment.

Peoples is all hyped up about the I have a dream 50th anniversary speech. That’s just lovely, but it brings me to one of my HUGE pet peeves. Historical Revisionism. So while the good folks over at Mt. Bullshit (aka Fox/sky news) take a moment to remember what the speech was actually about and who Martin King II really was (not to mention who was not allowed at the march this year).

Speaking of Russia and the Olympics, Cracked would like you to know these five things (mostly that the Olympics is simply the greatest Quadrennial Orgy in the world.)

Direct to you, right here. A few young soldiers out in Colorado are changing the world for the better. I hereby dub them Allies in the War on Awesome.

Oh, and there’s been a great suggestion floating around about how we name natural disasters. (involving my continued coverage of Mark Rubio is a gaping anus of a man)


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