Ban Private Schools

Posted: 5 September, 2013 in Uncategorized
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First I’d like to point out that WordPress suggested that I add the Tag “gaping anus” to last night’s Weak Links post.
I guess that’s what you kids wanna read about. you fuckin perverts.

In all serious though,

Some days I believe we should ban private grade and high schools all together. Get everyone on board with REAL reform because no one is exempt from a failing system. All our nations children in the same boat. No more preference for private schools by colleges. The CEO’s son would share a desk with  a shopkeepers daughter. We’d send the best teachers to the toughest districts. No more Religious institutions brainwashing the most impressionable of our citizens with fake science, fuzzy math, and nonsensical cultural ‘values’. The foundation of a society based on reason and care for all. The fostering of children with an active social consciousness.

  1. […] Shuffle says: “Renaissance Girls” Oh Land.  Wishbone. Just discovered this artist/song/video and can’t stop listening to it. I Don’t think this album is out yet, but just enjoy her awesomeness on youtube for now. Earlier this week (or last week or month, depending when this goes out) I mentioned a thought that dangled on the back of my mind after a friend told me that in their country Religious schools were illegal. For some time after, that notion was on the back burner of my attic and I decided to post a brief thought here. […]

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