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This post is all about me. So if you don’t care about what’s in my head right now(I suspect you don’t) just skip on down to other posts about news and sex and shit.

As it is about halfway through the year I figured I might as well go ahead and post my reading list for the year.  For the past few years I’ve written out a list of fifty book I want to read I started doing this after I heard Sasha Grey say she read a book a week, which seemed like quite a bit for me, but then, I’d never spent much time thinking about the quantitative aspects of my reading habits. So that New Years Eve I scribbled out a list of the first fifty books that came to my head that I wanted to read.

What usually ends up happening is that I get thought about one-third of the list (I’m sure quite a few of these will have shown up on last year’s list), a third of it gets replaced with impromptu items that jump the line and a third get’s pushed back till later. So here’s this year’s list. Many of the substitutions have already been made.

Kick Ass 2 – Mark Millar. Hope to get this done before the movie comes out

Finch – Jeff Vandermeer. Got it for free on Audible, after insistent recommendations by my brother of City of Saints and Madmen. I couldn’t find City on the site, so just grabbed this one instead.

Generation of Swine – Hunter S. Thompson . The second Installment of his short works of unpublished journalism and essays, mostly dealing with with politics and corruption in the 1980’s.

The Rum Diary – Thompson’s novel. I’ve never read any of his fiction, but his journalism reads like beautiful prose and I’m eager to see what’s in here.

City of Saints and Madmen – Jeff VanderMeer. Finished with Finch, which was fuckin awesomesauce. This apparently is also set in the same world.

DMZ (volumes 6 through current) – Brian Wood. A beautiful work of speculative politics. The art is great and the characters are wonderful. Can’t wait for the second half.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman. His new Novel. No reasons needed.

The Beat Reader – The bits I haven’t read. I went trough most of the correspondence portion last year and I’ve read most of the Kerouac and Ginsburg separately.

Mother Night – This will be my Vonnegut for the year.

Preacher – about halfway through this one. Hopefully will get my hands on everything left of it I ent read yet.

Sam Sheppard – about a half dozen of his plays of his are on my stack of shame. A good friend of mine who died last year was a huge Sheppard fan and as I can’t get to know him any better in person I thought I’d go though all the things he loved.

Wonder Boys – Michael Chabon. I avoided The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay for ages after a friend ‘lended’ me the book (read: I still have it, Blaine,  and will return it in exchange for my goddamned headphones). It was one of the best things I read last year and I have thus added Chabon to my list of “Authors who will remain on my list of books to read till I’ve gone though it all” Which includes Hemingway, Vonnegut, and McCarthy.

Fables (as much as I can get my hands on) – More comics I mean to read

House Of Mystery – the problem is that one 15 dollar paper back only lasts a short hour or two unlike a novel which can last a week or more.

Iron Weed – on my list of “pulitzer prize winners certain mentors of mine have expressly told me that I personally need to read”

Garden of Eden – just reread Snows of Kilimanjaro, did The Old Man and the Sea last year. This is Hemingway’s great unfinished work which has a lot of back story I’ll get into later.

Ham on Rye – I’ve never read Bukowski… I am ashamed.

On Writing – Stephen King. Done

Hanging out with the Dream King – Various. I’m a little obsessed. Shoot me.

Sutree – Cormac McCarthy. Trying very hard not to finish everything by him. So this is all I’m Allowing myself to read this year.

Ultimate Guide to Kink – Tristan Taramino. I’m not her biggest fan, but she’s been around for ages and is widely considered an authority on all things sex. Also, some friends/acquaintences of mine have made contributions to this book as have some people I admire. So I’ll probably skip around some.

A Scanner Darkly – partially through. my Phillip K Dick for the year

Children of the Mind – Where I left off with the Ender’s series. My chance to read some OSC for the first time as an adult and see what I really think.

Civil war script book  – a peek into how the whole thing was pulled off. Plus a chance to reread everything from that era and see how it sits now

The Magicians – Lev Grossman. Has reached critical number of recommendations, despite my best efforts.

The Big Sleep -Raymond Chandler. One of my all time favorite movies. I want to hear what his voice sounds like on paper.

 The Maltese Falcon – Dashell Hammet. Halfway through. From my bookshelf of shame.

Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace – This one is my beast for the year. Friends swear by this thing. We’ll see what happens.

There’s a couple of short stories that are burning a hole on my shelf that are in 50 Great Short Stories. I’ve read about half of the stories in here for one reason or another.

Crying of lot 49 – Thomas Pynchon. I don’t know about this. I’ve started it twice now and just cant get through enough pages to care before putting it down.

The Body Artist – Don Delillo. Because he supposedly is really awesome and I never Finished White Noise and this is, at least, short.

Something I haven’t read by Ray Bradbury, probably the Illustrated Man or Martian Chronicles 

That makes roughly 35 for those keeping score at home. I’ve actually read about half of them so I’m in pretty good shape to finish it all with the exception of Infinite Jest because holy shit is that a monster.


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