Weak Links: Superheroes, Sex Ed, and Dreadlocks

Posted: 8 September, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Shuffle Says: “My Boxer” Oh Land Wishbone

There’s a function of this site which shows how people ended up here. Such as if they searched for something on google and what the search terms were. I get a lot of people looking for porn lately. I’m sure they all leave quickly when the notice I don’t really post porn here. I just talk about (guys, that’s what tumbler/xhamster is for), but yesterday someone found last week’s “Slane Girl” post by searching “is slane girl ok?”. It made my heart swell a little.
I don’t know, dear reader. I certainly hope so. The Guardi are searching for her in order to charge her with blowing someone in public (no mention if the guys being blown are also under suspicion). I hope she’s still living it up before she has to run for something.

Think the republicans are the only ones  bent on a self-harmful theocratic agenda? Nope. Conservative Israelis are quick to show them up.

Hatters gonna hate. It’s Science

In good news, Chicago has taken a sensible approach to gradual sex ed starting in kindergarten. 

Racist dress codes and other fun facts about Oklahoma

You’re right. I never miss an opportunity to point out asshole cops, especially when the beat up children for being  Muslim.

I keep meaning to write a post entitle “What the Fuck, Texas!” about the stupid shit that’s been going on in my home state, like rewriting history textbooks to say that Ronald Reagan was the second coming of Christ, but every time I go to write about it they’ve done something else. So I think it will just have to be a running tag.

I will not talk about Miley Cyrus. I will not talk about Miley Cyrus. I will not talk about Miley Cyrus. OH FUCKALREADY. If Big Feeda wants to say something that’s fine with me. Cause they off tha chain!

A New superhero have arrived in Mexico to take on her archenemies The League Rapist Bus Drivers! Seriously guys. this shit actually happened.


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