Followup to a Passing Thought

Posted: 11 September, 2013 in Rants
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Shuffle says: “Renaissance Girls” Oh Land.  Wishbone. Just discovered this artist/song/video and can’t stop listening to it. I Don’t think this album is out yet, but just enjoy her awesomeness on youtube for now.
Earlier this week (or last week or month, depending when this goes out) I mentioned a thought that dangled on the back of my mind after a friend told me that in their country Religious schools were illegal. For some time after, that notion was on the back burner of my attic and I decided to post a brief thought here.

I reposted the thought my facebook and soon after I received this

“This post barely makes any points. I was expecting an article with some, you know, articulation. You could’ve written a better Facebook status than this.

I have a brilliant friend who could argue the position quite well. He was passionate, even vehement about promoting public schools. He did Teach for America, then continued to teach in the public system for several years. He quit. He says that he wants to send his children to private school if he can at all afford it. He’s not even married, but he’s already saving up for it. He took his theory and got involved enough to test its mettle… And it failed.

Your other friends is right, too. At the local level, public school’s values/logic are fuzzy as all heck.”

Fair point I suppose.  I’m sorry I didn’t meet the high standards of Facebook. I know this is a place for serious academic debate. I would point out though, that what I wrote is not an article. It’s one short paragraph about a single thought. If I wanted to construct an unassailable argument I’d have written, y’know, an article, complete with actual research and footnotes and all that crap. However, I as an American Citizen reserve the right to drunkenly and shoot my mouth from the hip with whatever happens to cross my mind at any given moment.

But you are right. It is a BLOG after all and I should have enough respect for my 16 followers to not mislead them and be sure to never think ‘aloud’. I’m sorry your friend failed, but that just means more people need to work harder at making these changes.

but while we’re on the subject…

As for when. We should have eliminated private schools once we had a viable scholastic system. While we may question the effectiveness of our methods, a network of schools does now exist for most of our country’s citizenry. You and I have had a fair amount of conversation regarding education reform and I could write a book (Though I’d mostly just steal other people’s work as I am not, in point of fact, a professional educator, education administrator, researcher, or member in any way of the academic/education community, and therefore haven’t the qualifications to make these assertions) about the things we should change. I just think these changes should be made in public schools. As far as fuzzy lesson plans are concerned, that is why we have school boards, courts, and a government that should enforce changes as we have in the past (see integration, prayer in public schools, et al.).

Religious institutions of learning were created by orders like the Jesuits because they were often the ONLY literate/learned/educators available at the time/place where they began OR believed they could serve individuals better than what was available. However, religion based schools attempt to promote a theocratic/social agenda by lying to/selectively educating their students. This isn’t a possibility. This is a reality (see: ‘intelligent’ design, climate change, and a total lack of sex education) which has proven detrimental to the students.

In a society where we constantly attempt to foster the illusion of the American Dream, private schools are one more way to stagnate social mobility. We are not created equal. Simply by having attended a private school it is assumed that you are a better member of society and are therefore privileged with better access to jobs/higher learning.

Private schools, like most institutions, are companies which need profits to survive. When we introduce any goal to a school other than creating the best functioning citizenry possible we have a conflict of interest. Wealthy parents spend tens of thousands of dollars in tuition and donations to schools in the interest of ensuring their child’s place in the upper echelons of class. They therefore have no desire or need to improve, vote for, donate to, or expend any effort to the system which SHOULD benefit all.
my apologies to all my wonderful teachers at Catholic School, But I really hope your place of employment is shut down.

I’d talk about this more and do more research and whatnot, but I really don’t know how I feel on the matter cause I’m just musing it over and this is what comes to mind. Also, fuck off, this is my blog, I’ll talk about what I want.

and as we all know


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