Shuffle Says “They’re Red Hot” Hugh Laurie Let Them Talk

First, this needs to be shared:


a New Mexico high school is attempting to ban Neverwhere

“Gay Russian Neo-Nazis Are Fighting And Fisting For Gay Rights…Or Something” – the title says it all

Anonymous strikes again! another Victory to the grey hat hacktivists, who’ve forced  the reopening of a previously dropped rape case.

Molly Crabapple speaks at XOXO on the evolving myth of the gatekeepers

A nice follow-up, Banksy sells his art at at 10,000% discount and no one will buy it.

Rolling Stone  covers the South’s secret war against gay teenagers

Malala is all “Yo, Obeezy, Drones ain’t cool”

Oh joy, more fuel for my Unpaid Internship Soapbox from Businessweek 

I’m going to keep up with the Measure B Debacle with Stoya discussing the ‘great condom debate’

Porn = Freedom, don’t you know? Taking our wanking is how fascism starts.

Speaking of civil liberties, the DEA now faces off with the ACLU cause they don’t believe medical records count as private because you’ve already shared them with other people… like your doctor or your insurance company.

My Stepfather believe we don’t need unions, but like, people making minimum wage (in this case fast food workers) think we do. 


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