Ode to a Midwestern Can

Posted: 1 February, 2014 in Daily Droppings, Other
Tags: , ,

oh lonely PBR can
sitting on a shelf
inside my refrigerator
which I shall not drink myself

a remnant from a party
a birthday long since past
you were left alone
eleven brothers fled you fast

but you were in there hiding
tucked behind the eggs
protected by the hour
and people’s failing legs

what happened to your comrades
your fates you do not know
were they chucked up in the toilet
were they pissed out in the snow

two months you’ve been ignored
unloved, unsought, unfound
for there is liquor in the cupboard
and wine here is abound

but is time for you to leave
by a trick I know by rote
you. in a glass. with an egg.
now sliding down my throat

so settle in my stomach
and wile though the day
it is why god spared you that evening
to take my hangover away


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