Drinking Games: State of the Union

Posted: 8 February, 2014 in Drinking Games
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Shuffle Says: “The Kids Are Alright” The Who

OK I KNOW you’ve all been good little citizens and seen the State of the Union address already, but JUST in case you haven’t or want to watch it again (but with more fun and friends) here’s a late edition

First, watch the enhanced version to give you a little something extra to follow.


FOR REAL POLITICAL DRINKERS ONLY: Drink at every applause break.
for those who already kept score at home or rushed off to Politico for spoilers that’s around 80 drinks, so choose your drink wisely.

Otherwise, here’s a more sensible game: Drink whenever John Boehner can barely mask his utter disdain for the President or whenever Joe Biden makes a goofy face


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