Eye Openers

Posted: 17 March, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Haven’t been on the internet much this week. I’m recovering from an eye infection.

It’s funny how these things work out.

The infection, I’m told, was likely cause by leaving in contacts I should have discarded weeks ago. The reason I haven’t done so though, is because I only have two pairs left and I can’t afford new ones because I don’t have vision insurance. – vision and dental not being included in your typical insurance plan cause what greedy fuckers need to be able to see or chew – after a few days of pain and not being able to open my eye or see I went into a walk in clinic.

The Doctor’s visit cost me 35$ and the drugs for the eye cost me 140.

The short of this story being, it would have been cheaper to just have bought new contacts.

Writing is tricky right now cause I have to wear my glasses (which Delphi thinks are sexy) which are old and scratched, so looking at screens or words for too long gives me a headache. Also they keep falling off my face.


Apologies for the pity post

But I’ll be back soon with happier, angrier, dirtier stuff when my vision returns.


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