Resolutions and Rambling: or Philosophy is not a Spectator Sport (part 1)

Posted: 19 March, 2014 in Rants
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Random music of the day is “Vengo” by Ana Tijoux, because I just stumbled upon her and wow. listen


TRIGGER WARNING: Contains boring personal shit



I’ve always made fun of New Year’s resolutions. When people talk about their ‘resolutions’ they tend to be trite, vague, quickly forgotten, and half of them inevitably revolve around losing weight.


The other end of it is priorities shift over the course of the year. Also, it isn’t as if anyone will hold you to account and most importantly why New Year’s? Shouldn’t you continually be resolving to better yourself?


It’s strange how your work can change the way you see things. I’ve never really looked at time in “years” until recently. It has to do with being a student you see things through academia. In semesters, in seasons.


I got a bit of a reset when I moved to Chicago. I came here at the beginning of the year. I moved in with my significant other at the time, started a new life with the new job, all of which came crashing down after almost exactly one year. It reset my clock and now I can’t help but take into account all that’s transpired in a year.


I’ve been delayed in getting this post up. It kind it sprawls out farther every time I go to finish it. I considered breaking it up into several sections, maybe I will. You’ll know by the end of the post.


Looking at the last three years I see them as themes. The first year was all about money. The next one was dominated by sex, Last year seemed to be about friendships, although it was the poorest I’ve ever been in my life.


This year it’s time to go back to where I started





My cousin, Checkmate, and I were talking recently. He’d asked sot see some of my work and I’d sent him some to read. On the phone later, I was lamenting that it’d been a good while since I was published and didn’t even know how to start going about it again.


He asked —How many people have read any of what you sent me?


—…Good point, I responded



Over this last year I made a new friend [I’ll refer to him as Flamingo] with whom I have become close. And Flamingo has a saying:


Philosophy is not a spectator sport.


He’s right.


Neither is Art.


And this is my theme the year. This is my resolution.


Art is not a spectator sport.


It’s time to get some blood on the field.



That’s where I begin this year.


This is my list:


Reading – forty books. The last few years I’ve shot for fifty to average one book a week and felt comfortable falling short. Not to set my sites low, I want them to be difficult, but attainable. So this year it will be forty and maybe I’ll surpass it


Writing – Finish a dozen uncompleted short stories. I also want to make some significant progress on the two novels I’m working on, but It’s harder to see what a concrete goal for those will look like.


50 submissions – Whether I end up with a whole wall of rejection or start building those IWDB credentials I just need to start doing it.


7 venues. – Lately my work has only been seen by close friends. I need to get back out into the world and get used to standing up and talking to strangers about my stuff.


Apply to write a house – because why the hell not.


Put something up here twice a week, last year I was shooting for every day (I think I downgraded to five days a week, but didn’t keep up with either.) not that what I put up here is ever going to be part of a bestseller, the physical act of putting content up gives me a deadline to follow if nothing else.


Fill all my notebooks currently in use. (mostly because Delphi gave me a beautiful notebook for my birthday and I’m eager to use it, but don’t want to start a what… fifth or sixth ongoing journal. I need to just finish them off.)



This is a good stopping point. There’s another page of tangential babbling, but let’s just call this part one for now and get it up because the next part will be little more entertaining I think and will be able to stand on its own.




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