Of Gods and Space

Posted: 29 May, 2014 in Uncategorized

Have we not builded of steel and pride an abomination far taller than the tower of babel of old? And did we no mean like those builders of old, to get right into heaven with it? And haven’t we heard it said many times that language of scientists is international? They all use the same Latin and Greek words for things, and they all talk the language of numbers…

I, your lord God on high, want things restrained from you, so you will quit thinking about crazy towers and rockets to heaven and start thinking about how to be better neighbors and husbands and wives and daughters and sons! Don’t look to rockets for salvations— look to your homes and churches..

You want to fly through space? God has already given you the most wonderful space ship in all creation! Yes! …you want speed? The space ship God has given you goes sixty-six thousand miles an hours—and will keep running at that speed for all eternity if God wills it. You want a space ship that will carry men in comfort? You got it!… He’s given you a ship that will carry billions of men women and children! Yes! And they don’t have to say strapped in chairs or wear fish bowls over their heads.


-Kurt Vonnegut Sirens of Titan


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