Posted: 19 August, 2014 in Daily Droppings, Other
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After days of unease, locking my doors, and closing my blinds, I’ve finally realized why the neighbors have been giving me such strange looks as of late.

I have not had neighbors since I moved here. They must have moved in a few days ago.

They introduced themselves this afternoon, a gentleman named Jonathan and his two daughters aged eight and six, so K fits between them, as well as his wife-not currently present.

They asked me if I lived alone here. Ha! What must they think from watching me the past few days. A man. A writer and his two large dogs who sits in the mornings to read at the little iron table, who is writing in his big black ledger during the day on the swing and, who is all the while visible, at the right angle, through certain aligning windows, alternatively writing and masturbating at his computer,
who has no visitors.

No, I tell them.

I share this place with others.

I wish I were alone.


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