Posted: 14 October, 2014 in Daily Droppings
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It was a summer day. There was a little breeze which made it an exceptionally cool day for Texas. School was far away and he had no plans so the boy wandered into the backyard. Leaving the door ajar so the dog could follow him at his leisure. He was only a dozen steps out when he heard the creaking of the screened door and then it slamming shut as the golden retriever came bounding out of the kitchen. He ran out into the field past the boy then made a leaping turn and bolted back towards him. The boy smiled and held his hand straight out, open-palmed and as the dog returned to him it leapt up and planted his nose into the boy’s palm. The boy smiled and giggled and wiped his hands on his trousers. The dog kept on running almost all the way back to the house then swung wide to the left. He began to run circles around the boy. Big ones. Then smaller. And every time the boy would hold out his hand, the dog would run to him and leap out for the hand.

It was a game they played. The rules were that the boy could only look ahead and would try to pull his hand away at the last second. The dog would try to get the hand as slobbery and as snotty as he possibly could.

The two kept up the game until be boy came near the edge of the property (though it was difficult to tell where the property ended. It was either at the creek or at the big rock just before you got to the creek depending who you asked. Back then no one used fences for their back yards. Pets came in at the night or they’d be eaten by coyotes.) to his favourite place, a little ways past the outhouse between five trees (A magnolia, an oak, a persimmon, an ash, and a pecan in case you were curious).

It was a little stone house you might mistake for a child’s playhouse (and people often did). The stones were stacked tight and used no mortar or cement. The floor was dug out, made of dry packed earth. Inside were little shelves with candles on each corner which at the moment remained unlit. One window and an open door gave enough light to see all along the shelves were rows of skulls.


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