Irons, Updates, and Nine Lives in Chicago

Posted: 16 October, 2014 in Uncategorized
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In case you noticed, I was gone. So before I get back to… I’m not sure I have a normal on here anymore… but I’ll give you a little something anyhows.

First, as to my whereabouts, for the last week of November, I was travelling and didn’t so much as open my laptop the entire time.

The day I got back here my partner Delphi was moving into her place. Two days later, I was moving into mine, thus ending my month of homelessness. Since then I’ve been getting shit together at the new place and working on other projects I will get to later.

The past two months I’ve also been working on a project which was originally just going to be a post; then it became three posts, then much more. Now I can’t talk much about it due to legal reasons I have been since advised of, so I’ll get back to you when I can about it. Strangely enough, it has to do with video games.

I finished reading Ocean at the End of the Lane, so expect a new vocabulary list soon.

This will be my ninth move since I arrived in Chicago three and a half years ago. Don’t believe me, let’s list em:

1. Lilly’s (aka a family member) – one month
2. Camp Fuck you I’m A Wizard – Moved in my significant other the Squid. This lasted one year.
3. back into Lilly’s for about two or so months
4. The Pirate Ship Paradox – with two of my friends, this lasted a year, ended when one flatmate moved out and the other moved in with his girlfriend
5. The Extra Room in Wicker Park – this was supposed to just be for one month but lasted about six, the intention was move in with Randori and our friend Birdhouse, we just had to wait till everyone’s lease was up and we were all ready to move. didn’t happen
6. Lilly’s again for two months. Gods, I seriously owe this woman.
7. The Goddmanptons. This was a crazy fucking four months. a couple (whisky and Lola), a couple dogs, a kid. parties for days. Sex ,violence, drugs. fun, interesting, over.
8. My month of Homelessness, alternated between friends’, Delphi’s, and some family for once that was not Lilly
and finally number 9. The new Place (yet unnamed, but I’ve been pushing hard for Patriarchy Palace or Blanket Consent Castle. My new flatmates seem not to understand the importance of a well named home)

I’ve finished another journal! It’s the last of my New Year’s resolution journals so now’s the point where I reread the thing from start to finish and see if there’s anything worth using, so I might be throwing up a bunch of old shit. Moving has also dredged whole bunch of shit out of file boxes so there’s even more old shit in a stack on my new fancy awesome antique desk for me to sort through and maybe use.

Completing the last notebook also means I get to move on to the one Delphi gave me for my birthday last year (I’ll get a picture up here soon).

I’ve been throwing a lot of irons in the pie right now. A few of which I’m hoping to roll out in mid October(which is now, obviously I started this post last month) what it means for the Dirty Old Blog is that it will be connected to a larger web of mediums. I’m not sure exactly how it’s all going to work, so I wont be specific, but I can tell you, it’s going to involve video.

At the beginning of the year I said that this was going to be the time for me to focus on my art and that is exactly what I’ve been doing (finally). I’ve started getting more involved the community here, I’m set to do a reading at the Redline Tap on the first Saturday of November.

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