Skulls Pt. 2

Posted: 23 October, 2014 in Daily Droppings
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At the far end of the skulls was a brass marble bowl filled with half burnt sage. At the other end was a matching one filled with lemongrass.

The dog followed him inside the little house and sat down in the center. The room then smelled a little like dog sweat. Atticus reached into the coin pocket of his jeans and withdrew a small white Bic lighter.

He went from left to right and spoke to each of the skulls.

—Hello Aunt Clara. Hello Uncle David. Hello Great Gran Da. Hello Great Grandma. Cousin Sean, Cousin Joseph, Grandma Pat, Grandpa Joe, Uncle Martin, Aunt Maebh, and so on.

Sometimes he spoke a little longer, if he thought there was something they would like to know —Hello and Megan. This tulips mom planted out front are really bright this week.

or —great Uncle Gerr, Meredith took us to the ball game. And I got my own baseball and she says this will really be the year for them.

As he spoke to the skulls the boy lit a few of the candles. The last skull, the one closest to the door, was smaller than the rest of them. This one he took off the shelf and kissed.

—Miss you Sally, and put it back. He lit the lemongrass and blew on the embers. —you stink Riley.

Atticus put the lemongrass back in the bowl and took the skull called Sally down from the shelf. He laid on the floor with put his arm around the dog and put Sally on his chest. Then, he stared up at the stone roof and daydreamed.


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