Posted: 25 October, 2014 in Other
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Last week I reached my favorite part of unpacking. Putting my books on my bookshelves.

I’ve discovered I have three copies of farewell to arms. THREE. no idea how that has happened. I haven’t even read Farewell to Arms. It is a proud member of my bookshelf of shame.  I’ve done, Sun also Rises, Snows of killamanjaro, in our time, and a bunch of his other short stories. I think I keep meaning to read it and my copy is hiding so I buy another and then don’t read it.

There are also multiple Fahrenheit 451′s. These I’ve read, but again, no clue why the dupes.

I’ve never had so much space before, so most of my books are in storage. Over time I’ve continued to whittle them down by giving them away, selling to half price, or just leaving them in the houses of various family members.

Mister Flamingo (who has already called dibs on at least one copy of the Hemingway) has told me my bookshelf looks like it is trying to show off something, but it is how we read people. It’s the first thing I do when I get to someone’s house. Especially someone who I’m hoping to sleep with. and in this case I feel it shows a certain sense of priorities. What I’m willing to cart around. Many of the books I haven’t read, because why would I hold on to books I’ve read and don’t think I’ll need to reread or reference in the next year or so?


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