Upon Waking*

Posted: 28 October, 2014 in Daily Droppings
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I wrote this after the fist night I stayed with someone.



It was All I could Think to do
waking in anopen French Baclonied flat. the sounds of tree lined traffic for company
All I could think to do was
With infinite access what to take. What to take…?

I’d start with the little things.the things That I wouldn’t have to carry.

an egg; a half of a muffin; a cuppa; no. i,ll leave the bannana .

I moved on, bigger things, things I8d have to carry in my head.
reading a book from the loo; photographs from the Coffee table;drawings on the wall; lines from a poem, scattered on the floor

The Heavier things I stole were a little harder to find; a broken dream of you behind the wheel as we skidd off a snowy mountain road; a fantasy of you while I masturbated in your bed; the seeds of a story Idrew from your householdd kitsch.

I steal because it is in my nature. I am stealing time, stealing breath, thieving faces and words in clips and phrases , so don’t be alarmed when you see your thoughts and your heart decorating my world like stuffed heads in a hunter’s lodge.

I do steal other things. Little things. (slutty girls shouldn’t leave their knickers laying about on the floor)

But my favorite things

Those lofty gems of the crown hidden behind wired glass and lazer fields and armed guards

was a sheaf of heavy paper and some spare typewriter ribbon.

and like my childhood heroes, Robin Hood or Jesse James, I am handing those precious Things over to someone else.

With Alchemy and Fingertips i havestolen something that wasn’t even there before. What a master I must be!

I have filled it with rapturous frenzy and spelling errors.

and now I will leaved it with you,

Mo Chroi,




I had a lovely evening



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