Witch Monkey Warrior Fairy Goblin

Posted: 30 October, 2014 in Daily Droppings
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The wind had turned this morning. It had been frightfully cold the past week and the grey skies threatened rain or even, the weathermen always hyperbolic, snow so early in the year. But the wind had turned and now headed north east, towards the lake.It warmed the air and it did not rain, and so it was that the town was given, by some miracle, one perfect autumn day.

For Halloween.

The children, five of them in all, sauntered off the sidewalk and into the street. They were that age, that perfectly imperfect and strange age of inbetweenness. Halloween is ideal for illustrating those turns in life. In this case, the age too old to be trick or treating, too young for their parents to let them out on mischief night. And they walked in the slipping presunset light discussing just what they were to do with this perfect Halloween evening.

Their costumes were raw, traditional. Too young for the need to have costumes that were clever or flawless or sexy, too old for your mum to buy you a cute Spiderman onezy. So there they were:






Simple masks and rags. Wings and broom and sword. Bits borrowed or dug up from basements, scoured from attics. They marched all abreast down the street of wet leaves taking up all the space they could take.


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