Skulls pt. 3

Posted: 31 October, 2014 in Daily Droppings, Other
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So, I figured for Halloween, I’d put up the next part of “Skulls” since it has a spooky name.

This is the first time I’ve kept up a running thread of narrative. Though they are all fairly short bits, people (mostly the little bear) keep requesting more. Maybe it will be an interesting little experiment to post bite sized portions of this story until it runs its course, but more likely this will be the last one for a spell.

If you missed the previous installments, here are parts one and two. Or you can click on the Skulls tag to bring up the whole thread or Daily Droppings and that will take you to all of the fictionish stuff I’ve put up here.



Atticus could hear the yelling out in the yard.

—Hey kiss, get out here!

Riley’s head was up. He did a little hop up to his feet, shook himself, and trotted out of the crypt. Atticus sat up. The jingling of Riley’s collar came back towards him. John stood on the edge of the step down —Hey, dufus. Ma wants you back for dinner.

Atticus stood up and brushed off the dirt on his trousers.

—You shouldn’t play with the skulls said John.

—I wasn’t playing, said Atticus —I was talking to her.

—Their dead, Kiss. Those are just old bones. They can’t hear you, John put his hands on the top side of the door frame and leaned in.

—That’s not what mom says, he put Sally’s skull back on the shelf and started blowing out the candles.

John looked around the room at the candles —How did you light those? he asked. Atticus kept his back turned, walking on the shelves.

—Matches from the kitchen, he said.

—Bullshit, said John —you took it didn’t you?

—You shouldn’t swear in the crypt, said Atticus. He slipped his hand into his pocket to cover it. His thumb slid the spark wheel back and forward.

—I’m not in the crypt, fuck face.

Atticus was on the last candle. He had run out of shelf. —Give me my lighter, kiss

—You can’t hurt me here, John

—Well Mom and Matthew and Joey are all waiting for us, so come back to the house for dinner and give me my damn lighter.

Atticus dropped the lighter on the ground and bolted for the door.




P.S. If you happen to be reading this in realish time. I will be doing a reading at the Red Line Tap tomorrow Nov 1 at 2pm. Your hangover should be over by then. Also, If it isn’t up already (I say ‘if’, because I am writing a week ago so I don’t know what has happened since now) The Kickstarter project should be live tomorrow as well, please be sure to go check that out and help out if you can/want to.

Happy Haloween


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