The Cage

Posted: 3 November, 2014 in Daily Droppings, Other
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The cage was distinctly person shaped. That much was unmistakable. There was really no better way to put it.

I could give you the dimensions: just shy of seven feet high, a foot, maybe eighteen inches deep, two or three feet wide. At least that’s what the man guessed. (He didn’t know exactly. He wasn’t all that good at measuring things with his eyes, but roughly equivalent to the interior of a coffin.) But the best way to describe the size and shape of the thing was person.

The two men standing on Canal Street, already sweating, with the wrought piece of black iron between them, waved their arms at passing taxis. They had dragged it past the queue along the front of Union Station each driver waving them on and now they stood on the corner.

There was no shortage of starring as the two men carried the thing east. Up and over the bridge where people cursed or shook heads as they were forced to maneuver around them. Halfway across, the pair moved to the reddish iron grating of the street so other people could still use the sidewalk. Though the drivers of cars were not happy with this decision.

After they turned off of Monroe, they had to lift the cage over their heads, so as to fit down the stairs to the subway. Downstairs, they shouldered it then put it upright on the floor as the first man, the one in the grey wool coat went through the handicapped entrance with the swinging door instead of the turnstile and held it open. The second man, the one in the leather jacket began leaning the metal contraption and set it down on the floor so it would prop open the entrance.

The CTA attendant, by this time was lending her full attention from the windows of her kiosk, as had the Chicago police officer with whom she had been chatting and receiving Duncan donuts breakfast.

-exuse me sirs, y’all can’t take that on the train.


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