Whiskey and Darkness: or Never Fight with Talking Animals

Posted: 13 November, 2014 in Daily Droppings, Other
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Nano Count is six thousand something and Descent into Madness has broken the halfway mark. More about it at the end of the post.


I poured my whiskey in the dark.

That was my first mistake of the evening.

When Toar asked me what I wanted to drink, I told him whiskey and he told me the good stuff had all been hidden away in the pantry out of sight. There were only two people in the kitchen when I got there, Ken the bass player with long stringy hippy hair like he’d forgotten to cut its 40 years ago or whenever his band stopped touring. The other ken was chatting up Gypsy about some sound related thing or another neither of us could probably get a shit about.

I tried to ghost around them, which was difficult cause I was searching for a glass and there they right with their heads all in front of the cabinets. We helloed curtly, me pretending I just didn’t want to jump into the middle of something, but really the pair separately merited two completely different greetings and I wanted to find my way to the whiskey before anyone else arrived and did what always happens at parties; congregate in the kitchen like animals by watering hole instead of spreading out through the perfectly huge fuck of a house.

The pantry was on the other side of the breakfast room table. I found it quite roomy so after finding the whiskey cleverly hidden behind a row of soup tins I shut it behind me, which is why I found myself pouring whiskey in the dark. There were three decent bottles in there. I grabbed what I remembered to be one of the better Connemara’s, placed down my glass and opened the bottle.

It was my thought that as I was supposed to keep this collection a secret, it would be best if I made as few return trips to the pantry as possible. So I did aim to pour a little on the heavy side. Then to add to the complexity, the glass was large, oddly shaped, and quite heavy. I poured with a great amount of guesswork. I counted to four in my head, though not being able to see how much was coming out, it didn’t do much good.

When I opened the door and returned to the kitchen there were considerably more guests than when I had left, that herd of fuckin antelope. All a little surprise to see a body comin out of the pantry.

Most of the eyes found their way to the glass. Which, when I also looked, noticed, contained and a vulgar amount quantity of liquor. The other Ken, the banjo playing, scout-leading, tea-totaling judge-of-character-in-chief, led the onslaught of disapproving looks, I smiled and helloed and exited left to the back yard.

As I said, that was my first mistake of the evening. Most of the next few also involved alcohol, so I won’t bother listing them. The others were the disclosing of a secret and a shouting match with a fish.






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