Ending on a Strange Note: Thanksgiving, Madness, and Unwitting Supporters

Posted: 2 December, 2014 in Other

I’ve been a little out of pocket lately.

Descent into Madness is fully funded. Clocking in at just shy of 3k hour before the window closes.

I’ll post an update there with more details.

I know the Youtube channel hasn’t gone up yet. I’ve already written scripts for it, but for now other things have taken priority so that will probably be delayed until January.

Last week was particularly hectic and with the events in Ferguson, I felt, talking about my Kickstarter project was a little too gauche and shied off the promotion throttle right here at the end.

This has all become real and it’s strange. For over a year, this has all just been in my head and starting in two weeks people will be waiting around for an actual book to be delivered and I have no idea what is going to be in it and I’m terrified.

I started writing this post wanting to thank everyone who helped out, not just backing the project, but with all the pieces that went into getting the thing up, editing the script, teaching me how to video, liking/sharing/tweeting, talking about it with friends and acquaintances, calming me down, catching my mistakes, supplying me with tea or whisky or encouragement or pens or space when I needed it, and all the other things I forgot to or wont list here. But some last minute people are still jumping in and I want to post the formal list at the end once I have everyone down.

So for now, before it closes, I want to thank a group of people who have no idea what they did to contribute to this and probably never will. These are all people who I’ve read or followed for a long time and watched them turn the things they loved into livelihoods. Even though I’ve never met most of them in person, all of these people have never seemed so distant or different from me. Most of them I found by accident.

Fandom is a strange concept to me. The term makes me a bit uneasy. But these people have never seemed like heroes to me and they never made me feel like a fan. They make me feel like a peer and watching them work made me believe my work was possible. So thank you for the support.


Laurie Penny

John Green 

Hank Green

Laci Green

Kate Black

Kim Boekbinder 


Rebecca Watson

Randall Munroe

Amanda Palmer

Molly Crabapple

Jeph Jaques 

Neil Gaiman

Frank Turner

Dan Savage

Anita Sarkesian 


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