Sip Sap Sop

Posted: 1 April, 2015 in Daily Droppings

An old friend messaged me last week, wanted to know if I’d like to see a picture of her ass.

yes, i say, obviously yes, always yes.

well it’s not the best one of me, she says, and it’s an awkward angle and I have bad tan lines and…

shuttup and send the goddamned picture.

sure you want it? even if it’s not that good.

Of course I want it. I’ll take it because I’ve always thought you were beautiful and I still sometimes think of you when I masturbate and this is just one more image in my mental photo album of all the times I’ve seen you naked.

I want it because it’ll make me think of you and the fact that you sent it means you were thinking of me.

Honestly though, I’d love any picture of you naked.

I’d love a picture of you in your underwear.

I’d love a picture of you fully clothed on the front porch swing drink in hand and smiling just because I’d know you were happy.

I’m a romantic at heart I suppose.


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