Posted: 3 April, 2015 in Musical, Reviews
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Only on our second Follow Friday here at Dirty old Man headquarters in the Blanket () Fort and we’re got already featuring a very special someone. Often described as a genetic splicing of Regina Spektor and Garfunkel & Oates, the “so talented and so beautiful” (as reviewed by one drunk sibling), the very near and dear to my cock, Clara and her band the Great Goddamn.

For all you sunsuhbiches lucky enough to have lived around the Chicago area in the past few years, Miss Latimer got her start at the fine establishment of Carol’s pub (once named as one of Chicago’s  top 13 Bad decision bars) and has been a regular feature at Lilly’s. She’s played a lot with the Earphoria crowd but eased off a little on performances this winter to “make money and move into a better apartment”. However, due to the overwhelming demand of her cult like following (I hesitate to even put “like” in there), this spring she’s started playing regularly again.

Last week she made her first demo available to the public on Soundcloud. It’s called Asking for it, and Other Songs that will Disappoint my Parents. It’s got some of her bigger hits such as “Soft Rock Love Song”, “Maggie May”, and the title track “I was Asking for It”. One reviewer said ‘it’s got sass, sex, and just a touch of sad”. In my opinion it has at least four REALLY good songs about me.

If you like what you hear, be sure to head to one of her shows. The next is at Lilly’s Saturday April 11th.


Her relevant websites are as follows:


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