Meth Kid

Posted: 11 April, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The kid is cute as fuck.
Maybe three or four.
Blond buzzed
with blue eyes
can’t keep his fingers out of his mouth.

He contrasts his mother who,
for all the kindness in the world,
is simply ugly.
Not so much fat as just
saggy all over.
Her drug use is clawing at her face.
I’m guessing meth

by the teeth and choice of clothing.


She’s not watching him. She’s nodded off while he climbs on her. Smiles at me. I wave. He drools and grins and climbs off her.

I’m surprised he doesn’t fall when the train shakes. we high five.

On his way back he hits his head on the pole. His mom wakes up and puts him back on her lap. She’s nodded off again by the time my stop arrives.


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