I found John Green because someone I know posted a video of him explaining Obamacare or something like that. I thought his explanation was clear, well researched, contextualized, and only took four minutes.

When I clicked the user name I discovered it was one of a series of videos called Vlogbrothers he created with his brother Hank Green. I found the whole story of how the series came to be very interesting and relatable. It became the first youtube channel I subscribed to.

Today they are crown princes of the internet.

It turns out that John Green’s real job is not youtuber, but author. I’ve never read any of his books, but I do know that so far his novels The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns have been turned into movies. I also know his work is considered “YA” which is a term I learned by reading his Wikipedia page. I enjoy hearing him talk about literature though and for now I’m letting my friends argue about which of his novels I will put on my reading list for next year. Right now the strongest contender is Paper Towns cause I like maps.

And apparently he likes hangin out in airports, which I hate so…

He and his brother do a lot of other fun stuff (projects like Crash Course will probably merit their own Fridays). They also started something called Vidcon and work with the Gates Foundation building medical infrastructure in Ethiopia. They run their own charity which does something with micro lending, but I’m not too clear on the organizational structure. It’s either the project to decrease worldsuck, the project for awesome, or DFTBA whateverthefuck (I don’t know, follow the links if you want to know more). He is mistakenly a fan of Liverpool and apparently is the main sponsor of another FC called the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys.

Twitter: @Johngreen





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