The Day They Set the Internet on Fire

Posted: 19 August, 2015 in Daily Droppings
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—they finally did it, the Luddites

They burned down the internet

It burned bright hues of orange, radiating upwards like wifi signal symbols

At hubs where the streams once converged

Servers smashed, crashed, melted down, trashed

It was catching (It Seoul it ran down the lines like bullet trains)

Spread IP address to address(Cmd: ipconfig and all the other tricks, useless to help)

Burned through people’s pockets, putting phone shaped holes in their trousers, so many now with the same rectangular burns on their thighs

So hot and bright, planes couldn’t see the ground. They had to crash land in the ocean

That place they had in Utah went up like a nuclear bomb

Even the reaches, where you think you’re safe. those tiny peninsulas,

You can see Armageddon burning on the horizon.




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