it is a wonderful thing

Posted: 26 September, 2015 in Daily Droppings, Other
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I like walking along the side of the road. Not on the sidewalk, but on the grass of the tree lawn that separates one concrete surface from another.

It is a wonderful thing to walk on grass. Or dirt. It feels better on the feet. Especially if they are bare, but under booted heel, it too feels softer. There is texture and topography. There are the occasional ups and downs of the tiny walls that separate gardens and trees. There are roots to trip over and branches to duck under.

It is a wonderful thing, to walk on grass.

Unless you step in dog shit.

So as I ponder on the loveliness of urban cogitation and scrape out the rubber crevices of my docs with what appears to be a shard of glass from a broken bottle of trendy vodka, I’d like to say

Clean up your dog shit

You asshole

Have a lovely fall.


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