Misandry at Mariano’s

Posted: 14 November, 2015 in Daily Droppings
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One thing first,

So my place already has a name.

The Stockholm Academy for Wayward Girls

Because that is both a handful and also a little weird to keep saying about on the internet, I will be referring to it in the future as The Academy.





This woman at the supermarket has it in for me. I swear.

Mariano’s has a sample stand. Well, it has a bunch of them. What I found weird when I started going regularly is that each of them has a fairly consistent attendant and serves the same kind of food each time, one is always a kind of juice, another a kind of cheese, or muffins, you get the idea.

This is where the sausage stand comes in. equidistant from the seafood and fancy snacks (figs and soft cheeses or cured meat type stuff). Not sure what kind exactly. It smells good, but every time I pass by, something is wrong. The attendant (let’s call her Amanda*, cause that’s what it says on her name tag), is so often in need of something and about to leave. Sometimes she’ll be in the middle of cooking and it’s all

—sorry, no more tooth picks, be back in bit.

But when I swing by on my way out she says, —sorry, just ran out. I’ll have some more in a few minutes.

Half the time she’s not even at her station at all. Dozens of weekend trips to the grocery and somehow that one stand has always evaded me.

It must be personal.


*that’s not really her name, I don’t want horde of people coming to her stand and telling her she’s a bad person or anything. I’ve read stories about that [I was gonna post a link to something Amanda Palmer had written, but I can’t find it].



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