Posted: 8 April, 2016 in Uncategorized

That horrible god awful terrible thing that can happen to a writer happened.

I lost a draft of the book. I don’t know for how long it goes back. But it’s sets me back a fuckton. I look through the copy on Delphi’s table. The one I gave her and Bear and Waniel and Gilbert to edit, which I’ve been anxious as fuck to get back from them. I just wanted to see how far she’d gotten when I found some eyesore markings in the text, brackets with transcription notes from transcribing the first draft, jokes from the margins, notes to revisit sections, things I took out months ago. I checked my computer to be sure I hadn’t printed her the wrong version or something and there they are, same mistakes on the master copy. Now I haven to spend this week or so reworking the whole goddamn thing. As if it is not late enough.


  1. Daniel says:

    Sorry for your loss. Once I get a printer later this month I’ll fire my notes over to ya, hate editing in Word’s track changes mode.

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