I Mourn MacGyver

Posted: 10 April, 2016 in Daily Droppings

Sitting outside of the Starbucks off Logan.

I stopped going to New Wave. They redecorated by getting rid of all their comfortable furniture and opting for thin, stainless steel chairs and deuces. More importantly they got rid of my favorite sandwich, the MacGyver. An exquisite creation of peanut butter, bacon, tomato slices, and some other stuff. The place is more expensive now too, so what’s the point?

It’s nice and I’m not using my computer so I sit outside at a table to myself self rather than at the bar.

Everything about her is layers, her trousers are laced in the back, diagonal hatches of flesh showing,under which patches of stocking material is visible, and under that, flesh. Translucent ivory blouse shifts back and forth making the blue stripes of her bra dance.

—You get a good look?

She turns to me

—Yes. I did, I say —thanks for holding the pose.

—Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

—None at all. Just daydreaming.

—With a little casual objectification on the side?

—of course. You can only objectify people you don’t know.

She’s taken a step towards me.

—Don’t got much to go on.

—you gonna go home and wank to this.

—nah, you won’t last that long.

The bus pulls up and she walks away.


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