Little numbers

Posted: 14 April, 2016 in Uncategorized

The text comes in before I’ve got my hat on. I shuffle the groceries around. There’s no name just a series of three digits. I know what it means. The notice from the bank reads nine dollars remaining

My space bucks expired the moment I got a job. No regard to the fact that I still had to pay rent. (Yesusfuck, Obama, gimme a month before cutting me off will ya?)

The job is gone anyhow. It was only ever meant to be temporary. If only they had told me about that. Same thing happened with the next one. The money from my side business with Delphi (which comes to about a hundred seventy five buck a month between us) should come in this week. With the checking account now empty, it will have to do for now. Maybe we’ll see if Terry will pay next this time around without waiting a month.

I stow the phone, put my gloves on. Winter is always miserable. I don’t even have the start up cash to go back to cards or drugs if I wanted. Sex work is sounding like a nice gig to fall back on these days, but I’m not nearly pretty or gay enough for that.

The moisture from my breath catches in my scarf and the cloth freezes to my beard. I remember someone left a case of PBR in the ridge that was untouched. So I can stretch these groceries to last a week if I only have two meals a day plus a PBR or lunch just for the calories, and stop exercising. That gets me till the money from Terry comes in and that should last another week. After that I got two jars of peanut butter, two packets of ramen and six tins of soup. That gets me to the end of the month. Hopefully, I’ll have found employment by then. Otherwise, I suppose I’ll have to disappear before anyone finds out I can’t make rent.


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