Posted: 17 April, 2016 in Daily Droppings

We moved the hooks around so they hung on the outside of the closet door.

—so there are no coats on the bed. I hate it when they pile coats on my bed. It takes away any chance that any of the guests will fuck on it later.

—good point, I say

She asked me to the bathroom and started talking about a spat with her sister. I left and got the box of wine from the kitchen and opened it. Poured myself a mason jar full and went back to the bathroom. She was still going on.

I agreed with her and left again. Took the pot out of its hiding place (I told her like I always to do, that I took it away for safe keeping, but I never did. I just hid it in various places around her garden unit), grabbed her pipe and lighter (this one read “Damn, it feels good to be the patriarchy”) and walked back to the bathroom and rested it on the toilet.

—Oh! How thoughtful, she said.

She took a hit and calmed down and I went back into the study to write.


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