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Final Nano Clock in: !17563. Not a success, but for my first attempt I’m not too disappointed in myself especially since I started 11 days late.

Shuffle says “Oi! Oi! OI!” Cockney Rejects Greatest Hits Volume III

Hey it’s my birthday!
Whatever, Enough of that. Here’s last Sunday’s post.

Over in the UK they’re acting out a 70’s cop movie when undercover agents attempting to infiltrate groups of political activists fall in love with their targets.

Someone at has put together an American Gods mixtape. And you know how much I love a good mixtape.

Sunny Megatron’s Husband Ken takes a look at Mormonism and sexuality.

Benedict Cumberbatch Keeps making himself more awesome. Following up his leading role in the best video adaptation of Sherlock Holmes to date (though, The Great Mouse Detective and Neil Gaiman’s homage with “A Study in Emerald” come a close second) on the BBC, he has gone full villain in his dual role as both the Necromancer and Smaug in the forthcoming Hobbit movies, as well as KHAAAAAAAAAN! in the sequel to JJ Abrams’s agreeing of  Star Trek. Recently he took it to a whole new level of geek/cult awesome to star in an audio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Joining him will be yet more amazing people including  David Harewood,  Natalie Dormer, James ‘that Scottish guy that isn’t Ewan McGregor” McEvoy, and Anthony “Buffy was so intense I gave up my middle name” Head. Also Saruman. Just sayin.

The NYPD finally caught up to that dastardly dingle who put up all those posters about drone strikes.

The Weekly Sift is all about the Unions this week.
Be safe out there, Boppers.




Shuffle Says: “Marry You” B.B. King and Eric Claption Ridin with the King.

So, awhile ago I wrote about my last road trip back up here (that was before my plates expired and I ended up with 500 dollars in parking tickets in two weeks while keeping it in the exact same spot on my street) and how wonderful the drive was. This was in large part due to the pleasant company of Neil Gaiman and friends and the new full cast recording of  American Gods. 

For anyone who doesn’t know, Gaiman is a huge fan if audio books and I’m sure he went through a great deal of effort to ensure a fine production. Before the tenth anniversary of Gods Gaiman’s last novel to take an aural turn was The Graveyard Book and before that was The Wolves in the Walls both of which were for children and both of which were read in their official capacity entirely by him. In American Gods (the first version did not feature the dulcet tones of the author’s voice) Gaiman takes a bit of a back seat opting not narrate this one as he believes it would be inappropriate given his accent (an admirable choice). Instead he takes on the “Coming To America” passages, all immigrant stories, which makes far more sense considering he is one himself.  Even for those brief moments, his voice as always was a wonderful, sexy addition to the joy of the story itself.

This book is certainly on my top five and I believe, especially considering its sheer epic nature, is one that always stands for a great reread.

The new edition also features 16,000 more words than the original U.S. version. It gives it a bit of a ‘directors cut feel’, though not changing the story all that much. Gaiman admired that the “original” version has long since been lost. After half a dozen rewrites and numerous edits and editions after the majority of that text was cut, it couldn’t simply be shoved back in without negative repercussions on the story. So Gaiman says he actually did some minor rewriting to slip some extra material in and calls the new version his “preferred” text.

All things considered, however, the added content was so well blended in I had to often ask myself if maybe I had forgotten something or remembered it wrong. Luckily I was driving and couldn’t pull out my old copy to check. There additional scene with Jesus (and I wont tell you any more about it), he doesn’t put back ‘in’ at all, but leaves it as something like a deleted scene at the end. This one was interesting was… nice, a bit queer, and I can see why he left it out.

The cast is stellar, the only actors I had issue with were Shaddow’s wife Laura – there was some strange stop start cadence to her speech that just kept bothering me – and… some other woman (Sam Blackcrow I think and for the same reason)

OK so not much of a review today, but I’m feeling lazy and I really want to get this one off the shelf

Also, after spending this precious time with the book, I feel it is worth giving a half sleeve’s worth of ink to. Anyone who feels like volunteering to design it, feel free to volunteer.


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I figure this can be a new and wonderful segment to the blog.  I’m just gonna start posting shit from what I am reading.

From American Gods by Neil Gaiman. 10th anniversary edition, full cast recording:

“Hey,” said Shadow. “Huginn or Muninn, or whoever you are.”

The bird turned, head tipped, suspiciously, on one side, and it stared at him with bright eyes.

“Say ‘Nevermore,’” said Shadow.

“Fuck you,” said the raven

Shuffle says: “Feel Me, Touch Me”, Fastway, Fastway

Today’s post is sponsored Chicago PRIDE day, whose fairly entertaining mess I just got to walk though on my way home (again you’ll notice how this will probably not end up being posted when I write it). That and Neil Gaiman who just seems to be everywhere with this post.

Today is Yoga day! This is in accordance with the Neil Gaiman workout plan as I am calling it, which I spoke of sometime last week or so (though it really has very little to do with him, but the yoga today is reminding me of this picture he had posted on his wall a while back) for which I have been reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing which at the rate it’s going might rival No Country for my favorite of his so far. Today, however I took a little break, because Yoga runs about an hour and a half and instead of just doubling the amount of McCarthy I read, I listened to Kevin Smith interview Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on his podcast Starfucking.

I ended up reading about because I had been checking out something about his 10th anniversary edition of American Gods (I did not end up auditioning for the Audio cast, by the by. Turns out, I hate the sound of my own voice) which has been expanded by about 12,000 words. After hearing the announcement I ended up reading about a quarter of the 600 page road trip epic before forcing myself to stop for fear of ruining my appetite for the new edition.

Understandably the new cast recording of the book will probably make its way onto my stack of audio to reads.