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Posted: 17 August, 2015 in Daily Droppings, Other
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—Donde esta el gallo? I say.

The old man looks up from his paper. —he there, he says and points to the lattice work under the front steps. Part of which I now notice has been cut out and reattached as a door and through the patterned strips of wood I see its figure. The shadow jerking back and forward in that weird twitchy movement of poultry

—Gallo, I coo, —Gallo, vienes aqui, gallo.

The rooster, about the size of a Labrador, steps out from its hutch under the steps. It walks toward me, thinking I have food for it.

—Que pasa, gallo? Como estas?

The old man chuckles. I have seen him like this many days. Reading his paper while the rooster pecks about the yard. He has a green metal chair and matching table with a glass top.

Sometimes he has a book instead of a newspaper and sometimes a radio. Sometimes there is another old man with him. Always there is Tecate.

Each day I wave. Most days he notices me. It’s only the past week or so I’ve taken to talking with his rooster. The old man doesn’t speak much, but the rooster tells me plenty.

—hola gallo, I said to him the first day. —como te llamas?

—Jefe, he bobs his head and twitches away. —soy el jefe.

The old man shrugs.

—Ohhhh, I see.

I laugh

—why you think they no eat me?

Yesterday, the old man stood up. He offered me a fist bump and a beer. He is from Mexico. Been in the city a bit over ten years. He used to live in the house alone, but now there are tenants upstairs. It pays for the taxes and he keeps his harden. Flowers and a patch of yellow gravel where his table and chair sit.

Today I buy him an ice cream from a passing street vendor, the bells dingding dingdinging their way away and the rooster returns to his shade.



Posted: 13 August, 2015 in Daily Droppings, Uncategorized
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There’s a bee that hangs out around Belmont. Logically, I know it’s probably not the same one (I suppose it could be, I’m not very sure what the lifespan of any kind of bees might be, but surely it can’t be months, right?)

But every day I walk the same route. Sacramento to Belmont to Western (or it’s reverse) and along Belmont there’s an empty lot and each time I pass it there is what I’m am almost certain is the same bee (OK maybe I’m just racist) hanging out, weaving thought the links of the fence, dancing across the tops of the yellow flowering weeds that grow high as my head and each time I think he’s just gonna keep to his business, but no. soon as I pass the fence post, he comes zipping out of the empty lot and starts flying circles around me. Easy spirals around my face, my arms, my legs, daring me forward (I say he. Maybe it’s something I learned about bees in school. Maybe it’s my patriarchal worldview creepin in. the bee probably doesn’t care what pronouns I use. Too busy pollinating shit and puking up honey to question gender norms.).

To proceed is to walk through him. He slips behind me for only moments, barely allowing me a single step unabated. Then the fucker is back in my face.
—did I say you could keep walking?
—you hear me say green light?
—you ask mother may I?
—Aint no one on the other side chanting red rover!

Each day this confrontation, each day I chance his sting.

I suppose I could take another route. Even walk on the other side of the street, but it’s a fuckin bee, ya know? Can’t let a bee disrespect you like that or who knows what comes next.

I could carry one of my books in my hand and fight it out with him once and for all for dominion over six yards of sidewalk, but then I might have to go back there in the weeds and extinguish his whole family line, lest they seek revenge. And hive collapse is a very real problem.

Oh the dilemma.

I suppose we’ll see what comes of it tomorrow.

A few other things. Books picked up, The Hunting Accident by David Carlson & Landis Blair, Art Speiglman’s In the Shaddow of No Towers, and Watership Down. I’m also going to pick up something for the trip to Maine with Delphi, so I’m taking Joan of Arc and Grapes of Wrath off the list. Grendel is down and Stranger in a Strange Land is next.

Kickstarter: Ok there has been some progress lately. I’m sending off my edited draft to my friend Ms Royal, who is going to be doing the final mark up. When she gets done I’ll just be tweaking the final draft.

I’m trying to use some contacts from work to find a good printer for the limited run. Also trying to decide on some extra goodies to throw in as rewards for your patience.

There is one person who didn’t claim their lunch rewards. So, you know who you are, I have not forgotten and I will find a time when I am doing the mailing/signing for you to come by my office for a drink.

Hey friends,

(trigger warning: completely unwarranted personal shit)

I try to put these kinds of posts up before I disappear for long spells, but sometimes I don’t see them coming. I have a new writing job, which has taken up some of my creative energy lately. I’ve also been searching for additional work which takes up some more time.

I wish I could say I’ve been working on descent like crazy or that the new channel is almost ready to launch or that it’s been the travelling this summer or I got distracted with a new book or some other glorious something has taken up all my time.

But the real reason I haven been posting is I’ve been dealing with a fairly rough bought of depression. It’s something I don’t talk about much, but it has had a very real effect on my life. Though it has probably saved my life at least once, I don’t like being on medication. When it comes to therapy, I’ve had some bad experiences and, frankly, I’m a terrible patience. Instead, I try to use a few failsafes that help me white knuckle my way through the worst of it. This system involves disconnecting from a lot of media and internet and spending time doing a lot of active stuff like exercise, writing fiction, dancing, being with friends. Everything that actually makes me feel better but, is still hard when it take so much effort to leave your bed and not physically harm yourself.

Anyhoo, I’ve already written and put things in the queue for the next week or so and I’ll be travelling which means I’ll be doing even more writing than usual. Tomorrow I’ve got a few updates to post then it should be business as usual.