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Hey there friends. Doing a bit of a check in today. I got back from travelling this week. Spent this one catching up on writing and other work, but mostly reading. Finished Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Holy shit, this book was good, can’t wait to read more by her. Who would’ve known she could predict a Huckabee/Santorum ticket. Pulp by Bukowski was fun. I reread Evangeline (though I guess that’s technically a long poem) which I haven’t read since I was in seventh grated, long before words like Acadia or Nova Scotia or New Orleans meant anything to me, and the name Longfellow was just a lame punchline.

As several people have pointed out, the site address has changed. The only address that now works is I was told that some readers kept getting a message saying it had expired on both sites. I still don’t know why you all were seeing that, but I finally got that resolved. So it should be working fine now. Also, links on Facebook/twitter/etc… should be working as well.

Finally, after that thing I told you about back here. There has been a pretty big outpouring of support… and I have blown off most of it.

So, sorry if I haven’t acknowledged some of your individual messages. I’m generally pretty uncomfortable talking about those sorts of things and I really don’t know how to respond to support appropriately. I will attempt to get back to everyone soon, but for now. Thank you. Your messages have helped me pull my shit together. And that is all I will say on the matter.

I also started a Tumbler link here. I’m trying to keep up with you kids and your new fangledness. I’m not sure how exactly to work it just yet, but I’ll try to pick up some steam there soon. It seems like a good inbetweeny medium. I’ll probably post a some stuff there next week and I’ll feel better about posting shorter content there. I think I may start posting some old stuff there just to see what happens. I know many of the people reading lately are somewhat new, so this will give some of you the chance to read some of the better older pieces without having to dig through the archives here.

We will be back to your regular programming presently.