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Hey all,
I’ve been gone for two weeks (at least, when I first started writing the post it was two weeks) now and though I would check in

The first week I was gone for Descent into Madness. If you don’t know what that is, check it out here.
Which so far has been a success
I’m tempted to turn the stream back on during the editing process, my typewriter seems suddenly lonely without you. I’m about to be gone for another five days (now passed) to be with family for the Christmas.
All my effort has been in the kickstarter and grad school application so I’ve not created any new content for you here.
Though if you want to keep track of what’s going on with the Madness Project, you can check it out on the KS page. I’ll be reposting some of the stuff here though as well.

Hopefully there will be some other projects to talk about soon, but it won’t be happening till at least the end of January so.
I’ll try to keep throwing stuff up here, but regular posting probably wont resume until at least the fifteenth which is when all my deadlines will be passed.

Running the Kickstarter took a lot more social energy than I thought, so I’m kinda snapping back n forth from one extreme to another.

January will hopefully be finding my way back up to some kind of balance. In the meantime I continue this process of self-hypnosis that begins everyday with the rhythm of the typewriter, though I can’t seem to get myself out of bed till almost noon most days.
Everything is coming to a head and while I am overwhelmed and anxious, I do not feel afraid.
My new flat is wonderful and I have a ‘place of my own’ as Virginia Wolfe once put it.
The people I live with are fantastic. I’m in a relationship for the first time that is healthy, stable, fulfilling, and in proper use of the oxford comma.
Money is tight as has most often been the case for the past couple years, but for once I find myself genuinely optimistic about the future.
I wish you all a very happy and wondrous new year


The nano eeks along unimpressively while Descent into Madness holds steady at 1795



She lay, head on folded arm against the corner of the sofa. Her other hand still reaching out towards her cocktail glass. He could see there was sleep in her eyes and fire too; in such a fashion that he feared for her drifting off to slumberland with her eyes still open, in case in her dozing, that one rather than the other should drift from her orisons and set the building aflame.


Hot, soaking air drifted in off the lake through open doors of the balcony. It eddied in the living room and brought up the smells of juniper excreting from her brow. Only those two social warriors retained any vertical ability at this point. The rest of the lot had disappeared to the far corners of the city in those yellow and white bugs of transport. What had remained of the soiree had since gone quiet.


He rose and traipsed across the hardwood to the kitchen, his feet now bare, his steps lightened to avoid making noise, but also to mind the spots now sticky with secrets and ginger syrup. Francis refilled his glass at the side boards, snuck in an ice cube now that no one could see and spurt the heathery scotch over it. ON his way returning to the couch he took the pitcher from the dining room table. He gave it a little shake after sitting down.

—still got ice in it, he said and pressed it to her face.

He poured for her, placed the pitcher on top of a magazine, and nudged the glass towards her, she gave a slight groan, but still grabbed the drink and took it back to her corner of the sofa.

She smiled at him as she drank. —we win, she said

He looked around once again to confirm this. —I suppose you’re right.

He reached out with a finger moistened by the sweat of cold gin cocktail and scraped the sleep out of her left eye.

—You want to call it a draw? he asked

—are you scared of what comes next? she responded

—this whole night, he shook his head. —it’s all been, well, an experience, that’s for sure.

She let out a giggle that seemed to bubble up and drip down her face.

—At least you’ve gotten most of the sex out of the way.


She shrugged and sipped. —At least the part that tends to trip people up. Nothing left worse than anything you dealt with at the last place.

Francis stared down into his melting ice cube. That look returned to his face, that look she met when she first saw him on college green, wearing that strange overcoat with the zipper. Tin coloured sky still too bright to look at.

They were really horrid to you back there, weren’t they?

He swallowed the rest of his whiskey.

—can we not talk about that, please?

—what else is there for us to talk on. I think we got everything else done.

She touched his arm. —it’s over there, ok? I promise. You’re ours now.

Jenny reached her arm over the back of the sofa and pulled herself up. She shuffled on her ass towards him. He did not shy away, but looked out the window, thumb scratching at the glass in his hands.

Her arms slipped round his neck and pulled him down into her.

—I guess it makes it my turn to start.





So in all of my chit chat rattle brag about the kickstarter and how it’s going, I noticed that while I’ve talked about it I never actually posted to here what it is. Well, time to remedy that:

It’s called Descent Into Madness 

This winter to celebrate my birthday I’m doing something drastic with my work. Something new.

And I want you to be a part of it.

Over the course of seven days, I’m going to lock myself in an unfamiliar room with my typewriter and cover the walls with words. I don’t know what the work is going to be exactly, because I’m making it for you.

I’m turning writing from something solitary and distant into a performance. I want to see how a writer holds up when they come out from the protection of their caves and have to do their job in front of the people who read them.

By patronizing this project, you will be able to watch this happen and be part of it all. You can buy the book that will come from it, original pages, For my top patron I’ll even get a tattoo of your initials to commemorate the project.

Welcome to the creative process. Watch the madness ensue.

Plus you’ll get to see me dance…


all it takes is 2$. that’s it. two bucks get you a seat at the show. 10$ and you get to join in.

yes you can always throw in more. but If every one that subscribers to this blog were to donate 5$ the project would have full backing at this point. and I’d much rather have you lot there with me at five a pop any day over a precious few throwing in more.

I hope you all will join me





* the video is supposed to start at 3:05, but I can’t figure out how to make that happen, so feel free to skip ahead to that point. or not. I love this frackin movie.




Nano Count is six thousand something and Descent into Madness has broken the halfway mark. More about it at the end of the post.


I poured my whiskey in the dark.

That was my first mistake of the evening.

When Toar asked me what I wanted to drink, I told him whiskey and he told me the good stuff had all been hidden away in the pantry out of sight. There were only two people in the kitchen when I got there, Ken the bass player with long stringy hippy hair like he’d forgotten to cut its 40 years ago or whenever his band stopped touring. The other ken was chatting up Gypsy about some sound related thing or another neither of us could probably get a shit about.

I tried to ghost around them, which was difficult cause I was searching for a glass and there they right with their heads all in front of the cabinets. We helloed curtly, me pretending I just didn’t want to jump into the middle of something, but really the pair separately merited two completely different greetings and I wanted to find my way to the whiskey before anyone else arrived and did what always happens at parties; congregate in the kitchen like animals by watering hole instead of spreading out through the perfectly huge fuck of a house.

The pantry was on the other side of the breakfast room table. I found it quite roomy so after finding the whiskey cleverly hidden behind a row of soup tins I shut it behind me, which is why I found myself pouring whiskey in the dark. There were three decent bottles in there. I grabbed what I remembered to be one of the better Connemara’s, placed down my glass and opened the bottle.

It was my thought that as I was supposed to keep this collection a secret, it would be best if I made as few return trips to the pantry as possible. So I did aim to pour a little on the heavy side. Then to add to the complexity, the glass was large, oddly shaped, and quite heavy. I poured with a great amount of guesswork. I counted to four in my head, though not being able to see how much was coming out, it didn’t do much good.

When I opened the door and returned to the kitchen there were considerably more guests than when I had left, that herd of fuckin antelope. All a little surprise to see a body comin out of the pantry.

Most of the eyes found their way to the glass. Which, when I also looked, noticed, contained and a vulgar amount quantity of liquor. The other Ken, the banjo playing, scout-leading, tea-totaling judge-of-character-in-chief, led the onslaught of disapproving looks, I smiled and helloed and exited left to the back yard.

As I said, that was my first mistake of the evening. Most of the next few also involved alcohol, so I won’t bother listing them. The others were the disclosing of a secret and a shouting match with a fish.






I’ve been bad about linking and nagging, so here is the link to Descent into Madness  
if you haven’t backed the project yet, but would like to please follow the link and check it out. Every backer counts. Even just 2 or 10 dollars can make a big difference.  I want as many of you as possible there for broadcast. I’ll need the company. If you haven’t backed it yet or wish you could donate more, but can’t, remember that just sharing the link with your friends or on social media can really help as well.

A big thank you to everyone so far for supporting the project. I’ll post a final list of backers to thank all of you, but until then you can follow me on twiter @lordaddison or on facebook here
where I post thank yous and updates as they come in.

In the small town where I went to school there was a fraternity house called The Estate. Above the entrance to The Estate was a sign which read: There’s No Shame in Being Shameless

Today marks the launch of my kickstarter, this year’s nano, and in the very near future the video companion channel for this blog on YouTube. (Depending on what I have gotten done by the time this post goes up. Yes, I often write posts in advance, sometimes weeks ahead of time)

It’s a lot to handle

and I’m going to be straight with you. for the rest of the month many of the posts here will be works of pure shameless self-promotion. Those things that are not about the new projects will all probably have some sort of please help tag embedded in there somewhere.

This is something I am not very good at. I grew up with a strong need to be self-reliant and the belief that asking for things, especially money was somehow dirty and wrong and shameful.

I run down my list of people I might be able to turn to, but it doesn’t feel right asking anyone.

I would feel vulgar asking former coworkers and colleagues and employers. It seems somehow unprofessional.

I think. I can’t ask my friends. They give me so much every day. They give me inspiration and love and make my life survivable. I make my art FOR them I can’t ask them for things I would give freely of myself any day.

I certainly can’t ask my rich friends because then I seem like a moocher who only keeps them around because they might be useful. I can’t ask my poor friends because I know what it is like to be poor and say in my head, no I can’t come to your show tonight because it’s 30 bucks a ticket and it’s that or eat today and SNAP doesn’t cover theatre tickets, but fuck it, I have a packet of ramen and an egg left in the pantry and that will just have to do.

So who? Strangers? Where do I find them? And when I do, how do I not feel slimy, like a used car salesman seeking them out and conning them into patronage.

Last week, Amanda Palmer just came out with a new book, the art of asking. it’s an expansion of her ted talk and I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet but I did watch the talk some time ago and today, reading her tweets about the new book, I watched it again.

I’m taking some advice from her. I am determined to start asking the month and to not feel shame in being shameless about it.

At midnight tonight this thing goes live (UPDATE FROM THE PRESENT: so I got a little trigger happy and it actually went live 2 hours ago,). When this gets posted, I will be at a Halloween incessantly checking my phone to see how many views or comments or backers I’m getting. And I am fucking terrified.


So this is it. This is me asking for help.

Tonight, I’m Jumping


I’m burying the lead, so if you want the most important announcement, start from the bottom.


For the fist time in years I’m getting exited for Halloween, which makes me exceedingly happy. It has always been one of my favorite days of they year, along with Maris Gras and St Patrick’s. This time everything seems to be turning up Millhouse for the month of October.

This Saturday I’m doing a reading at the Red Line Tap as part of a series known as the Brass Monkey Brunch. Come check it out if you can.

Just as I think I’m starting to get the hang of this twitter thing (by the way what the fuck is the use of favoriting something? why don’t you just retweet it if you like it so much? Yeah, I still have a few kinks to work out) Delphi tells me, “pfft! no one is on twitter anymore!”
ugh! so much for keeping up with todays youth. I am told what I really need is a Tumbler if I want to ‘get the word out’.

well, be so proud, cause I got one. if you want to see it, it’s the same name as this site but with a .tumblr added to the middle bit before the .com. making it, , but don’t get too excited cause I haven’t put anything there yet. I’m not sure how I’ll distinguish between what I put up here and what I put up there. Anyhoo, I’ll let you know when I start doing more with it.

Nextly, In November I am launching a YouTube Channel. I’ll give you more details next week when the thing becomes more real, but be on the lookout for the announcement.

But the big announcement of the day is

I’ve gone and made me a kickstarter.

Yes yes. I’m jumping on the bandwagon and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing so. The project is called Descent into Madness. It’s a kind of writng extraviganza/interactive art piece/riff off of Molly Crabbapple’s Week in Hell. The “TL;DR”, as the kids say, is I will be locking myself in a room for a week and writing whatever the backers tell me to while streaming the whole thing live. There’s more to it and you will be able to read much more once the project is live.

expect me to be talking a lot more about this as the week and month go on. I will keep a running update with funding along with my nano score (yes I’m still doing that), for now here is the preview link

I’m only putting the preview up here. I don’t want to advertise the actual site too much till I think it’s solid, but just to get some feedback, I’m letting you swell chaps in a few days early.

happy halloween


Sundance Award Winning Film on the Egyptian Revolution by Jehane Noujaim — Kickstarter.

Only 75 minutes left, but even if you don’t make it in time, spend a few minutes watching the video. These kids are true heroes and revolutionaries.