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So I’m done applying to SAIC, just waiting for a late letter of rec (yes, professor Beardsley I’m calling you out & I don’t feel bad about it, cause I’m out of my wits wondering if it will come it).*

Live has hit a weird slow down. I feel a bit rudder cut with the application done. There so many moving parts to project madness it can be a bit overwhelming in a seeing the snowflakes for the avalanche sort of way

Delphi has been good at keeping some of that insanity at bay

She’s assisting in the transcription process & I’m only a little behind schedule. In the meantime the Dirty Old Man coffers are running low so I’ve been back on the market for a day job once more

I should be resuming a regular posting schedule soon which I believe will come out to twice per week.



*as of this posting Professor Beardsley has sent in his letter of recommendation and all is well in the world. I am told the delay had something to do with a lodging dispute in London, a spot of Sino-interrogation (Chinese water torture).

Suffering a terrible dental malady, he felt himself in poor form to write a letter for me enough things about me under the influence of copious amounts of pharmaceuticals

SAIC has assured me that upon receipt of the extracted tooth they will extend some lenience of the tardiness of the letter


November is nearly upon us and like most writers I’m psyching myself up for National Write a Novel in a Month, better known as NaNoWriMo. It’s a month-long sprint to a fifty thousand word document and this year it is showing up at a very interesting time in my life.

I am applying to Grad School. This requires mostly a lot of fretting, but also a lot of writing.

I’m launching a project at the beginning of November and I am going to need your help with it.

I will be filling in more details in the near future as I am able to. The project will take up the entire month and if successful, It means I’m going to have to follow it up immediately with another at the beginning of December, which will take me right on through the application deadline in early January.


busy busy busy

Oh, and Twitter. I’ve never cared much for the medium, but just yesterday (yesterday as of the fifteenth) I started in on it. This Dirty Old Man is trying to keep up with you kids and the social media game. I hear tell it’s a good way to connect with people and also hurl abuse at them. I’m up to 60 followers! which Delphi tells be is fairly pathetic.

With all these things in the works I don’t see how I am going to fit in a novel.
However, I think I am going to shoot for fifty thousand words in a month. I’m just going to include everything I do here along with the work for grad school and the other projects. I will keep a rolling total word count in the header of my posts so you can see how I’m doing.

If nothing else it will be good training for the December project (hint hint). Sorry to keep being mysterious. That’ll be done shortly.