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so there

Posted: 29 September, 2015 in Daily Droppings
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last week’s posts were weird. I can’t seem to get down the things I thought I should write. Still trying to fix the bad wiring in my head, as Vonnegut would say. And the new job leaves plenty of time for excuse making and moving allows me to equivocate my chronic procrasturbating.

For now, let me revel in my illusion of self-control.

Because I stopped picking a scab long enough for it to heal.

It only took a few months.


I need to stop talking to myself. I need to stop talking to myself.

I need to stop talking to myself. For serious, it is probably the single activity I spend the most time doing and it is not as productive as you might think.

It’s one of those days. Where the soup comes out of the microwave a bit too cool, the porcelain of the bowl is a bit too hot to carry. So I stand over it at the counter, hunched, slurping it up while my flatmate’s dog does the same thing a few feet away.

I am harried lately. I am moving. Have I mentioned that I’m moving? I am moving for now the tenth time in four years. The frequency is declining so that is something I suppose. And I will take it.

Closer to Delphi, should help with work too.So as I said a year ago, I’m pretty sure this one will last at the minimum, two years.