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It’s cold again. The weathermen are calling it a cold snap, my Chicago friends are calling it second winter. Just yesterday I was marveling at the balls high pile of dogshit left in the yard after the snow melted.

On a personal note

This site is going to undergo a few changes in the near future. I’m simplifying. The blog started as this sprawling who-the-fuck-knows hodgepodge of cultural review, news, ramblings, politics, essays, fiction, weather reports and drinking games.

I’m getting rid of most of the buttons and bows. And all the categories. You’ll still be able to search by tags and I won’t be taking down old posts, at least for now.

Also I’m adding to my reading list for the year. In Our Times by Hemmingway, The Stranger by Camus, and something by HL menkin because EVERYONE I’ve been reading lately keep talking about him. Also, Child of God before the movie comes out and Death comes for the Archbishop

I’ve finished Notes of a Dirty Old Man, not sure what took me so fucking long. Nothing on my list is next. I owe Flamingo a read and he’s given me The Closing of the American Mind by Allen Bloom. Probably about communism or something.

oh and I’ve taken on Watership Down as my new audio book for running.